Height: 5’2

Weight: ???

Hometown: Winters, TX

High School: Winters High School

Birthdate: 05/03/1996

Concert: Skillet

Favorite Activities: Working out, shopping, singing, reading, watch tv, taking selfie pics, painting nails, cooking & swimming.

Fav Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Fav Actresses: Brittany Murphy and Melissa McCarthy

Fav Book: The Fault In Our Stars

Fav Colors: Purple, Mint, Gold, Light Pink & Black

Fav Movies: Pretty Woman, The Fault In Our Stars, The Good Witch, The Best of Me, The Blind Side, Mean Girls, A Walk To Remember, Flipper, Madea movies, Tammy, Dirty Dancing, The Little Mermaid,Cinderella, Paulie, The Help, Dear John, The Longest Ride & Selena

Fav Songs to sing: Never Be The Same

Fav TV Shows: Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Spongebob Squarepants, Supernatural, The Golden Girls, Sailor Moon, Rugrats, Riverdale, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Dr. Phil & Roseanne, American Idol & America’s Got Talent

Food I crave: Chinese food

Guilty Pleasure: Saying stuffs/ talked about something that is inappropriate

Jobs: Dominos

My Celebrity Girl Crush: Chloe Grace Moretz

People I admire: Marilyn Monroe & Selena

3 pets: Podi, Ellie & Annie

Places I Want To Travel To: Paris, London, New York, Hawaii & Japan.

Sports Played: Not good @ sports lol

Fav kind of music I listen to: R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Rap, Christian & Latina/Tejano

Dream guy: Nial Horan